The Fine Art of Pretending

The Fine Art of Pretending - Rachel  Harris


The Fine of Art of Pretending is a cute contemporary that is told from the dual perspective of Alyssa (Aly) and Brandon who have been best friends since elementary school. When Aly decides to launch Operation Sex Appeal, Brandon agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend; a decision that could shatter their friendship.

I loved the dual perspective throughout this book. Both Aly and Brandon have their own distinct voices, so it's very easy for the reader to distinguish between the two. Recently, I've come to really appreciate authors who tell their stories through more then one narrative, as I feel the readers are given both sides of the story, rather then the traditional one sided, one voice tale.

As characters, Aly and Brandon are just your typical teenage, high school protagonists. Both of them struggle with your average everyday worries that come with being a senior; dating, friends, clothes and fitting in. Rachel Harris has done an amazing job writing these characters. As a reader, they felt so real and solid; none of the issues in the book were unbelievable or unrealistic. All teenagers, at some point, go through the issues written about in The Fine of Art of Pretending.

The Fine of Art of Pretending, overall, was a quick and easily accessible read with likable protagonists and a lighthearted story-line. Though not a five star read, it was an enjoyable, fluffy, contemporary that's just right for those long summer days.