Uncommon Criminals

Uncommon Criminals  - Ally Carter CHARACTERS:
Once again, I found the characters in Uncommon Criminals to be very likable and easy going. I must admit though, the lack of character development was an issue for me. I really wanted to see the the characters evolve some more; especially Kat but, alas, I was highly disappointed.

The minor characters were a huge source of comic relief within Uncommon Criminals, which was pleasant to read. These moments also made for great entertainment in between the main plot line. A light reprieve is always appreciated.

Uncommon Criminals had a plot that basically lacked any originality throughout. Unfortunately, the plot of the story also lacked the intensity you would more than likely expect from a novel with thieves. It wasn't engaging enough to keep my mind occupied for any lengthy period of time, which was quite a let down after all the favourable reviews I'd read.

My enjoyment of Uncommon Criminals dwindled more and more as I continued reading through the novel itself. They were enough parts within its pages to entice me to read to the end, but I certainly wasn't jumping up and down about this novel.

Personally, I found Uncommon Criminals to be a light, easy read, more suited for those looking for something in between bigger and more substantial books. Though the characters were likable, I found the lack of character development to be it's main downfall, which hindered my reading experience and enjoyment of the second installment of the Heist Society series.