Model Misfit

Model Misfit - Holly Smale After reading Geek Girl earlier this year and thoroughly enjoying it, I was overjoyed to hear that Holy Smale was releasing a sequel. I had high hopes for Model Misfit and the early reviews that I read sounded promising. The thing is, after reading Model Misfit for myself, I didn’t necessarily agree with what others said.

Sure, I still found Harriet a likable character; easy to relate to, smart and funny. As in Geek Girl, she's still uncomfortable in her own skin and she also still has a love/hate relationship with modelling. But she's matured. So when she's invited to Japan to spend the summer modelling, she jumps at the chance for an adventure.

In Japan, Smale introduces us once again to a whole cast of characters both old and new. Wilbur, Harriet's agent, is still as cute as ever with his pet names; Yuka, the designer, is still as cold and distant. Then there's the new characters; new models who befriend Harriet in Japan. These new characters add so much to Model Misfit as they slot in nicely among the cast of characters we already know.

My main problem with Model Misfit is that I just couldn't seem to connect to the story in the way I did when I first read Geek Girl. I didn't find Harriet's geekiness as refreshing as I did previously nor did I enjoy the modelling hiccoughs that happened throughout. For me, Model Misfit seemed forced in comparison to its predecessor which is a huge shame as I was eagerly anticipating its release.

Overall Model Misfit is a cute, contemporary read that is a reasonable sequel to Geek Girl, though personally I would have kept it as a standalone.