Out of Sync

Out of Sync - Amanda Humann Out of Sync by Amanda Humann is the story of a young girl named Madison who is a football fanatic. She has dreams of turning professional along with her best friend Dayton, but when things begin to change between the two girls, will their friendship survive?

To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of Out of Sync. It had it’s good parts and the story arc was pretty good, as it followed Maddie trying to get into a Divison 1 soccor team, but I just didn’t seem to click with the story overall. I found myself getting really bored with parts and that made me not to read on for a while. Some of the story I just really didn’t understand either, and I think the book could do with a bit more clarification of terms and such, to make it more accessible.

Overall, I think certain people will enjoy Out of Sync, but I just wasn’t one of them. Would probably suit a more middle grade audience than a young adult audience, in my opinion.