Obsidian  - Jennifer L. Armentrout Intrigued by the many raving reviews that had suddenly began popping into my subscriber box, I picked up Obsidian expecting the novel to blow my mind with it's premise and characters. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed; Obsidian, though highly enjoyable, is a young adult rip-off of one of the most well known series, Twilight.

The main character of the Lux series is Katy, who has just moved to a new town. The first thing that attracted me to her was that she's a book blogger; I mean, how cool is that!? Our secondary characters are Daemon who, I have to say, was a douche throughout the whole novel and his sister Dee who is the complete opposite and reminds me of Alice from Twilight.

The only original part of Obsidian is that Katy's new friends, Daemon and Dee, are aliens. The rest of the novel read like Twilight, except there's no blood-sucking vampires or secondary character deeply if love with our MC, yet I suspect that may come in the later novels.

Why, may you ask, have I rated Obsidian four stars when all I've done was moan about how like another book it is? Well, though the comparisons are huge, I did really enjoy Obsidian way more then I ever did Twilight. I found the characters to be way more likable then the ones in the above mentioned book, while also finding that I was reading Obsidian as a guilty pleasure rather then something to be taken seriously.

Overall, Obsidian is a highly enjoyable novel. Though flawed, Obsidian has enough likability to keep me engaged throughout whilst making m ponder on picking up the next books in the series.