The Rules for Disappearing

The Rules for Disappearing - Ashley Elston 4.5/5

Two words. Witness Protection.
Just those two words among the others in the summary meant I seriously had to get my hands on a copy of this debut novel. Add to that mystery, suspense, romance and a killer, and I was totally gone.
I’ve always been interested in the Witness Protection programme, but there’s very few books out there that deals with the subject. Until now.
The Rules of Disappearing is the story of Meg and her family, who’ve moved numerous times over the past year. The latest placement is Louisiana and this time, Meg is determined that one thing is gonna happen; she’s going to find out the truth about why her family is under protection.

The Rules of Disappearing is one of those books that have such a good story arc that you barely put it down until you’ve finished the final page. As a debut, it’s immensely good as the plot is driven by things you don’t know until right at the end; and even when you do know there’s so much left unanswered.

The characters in this story are also very well written. Each character has so many layers to them that The Rules of Disappearing barely starches the surface. Just as you’re beginning to think you know the main characters, Ashley Elston begins trickling in new threads of back-story to make you re-evaluate if you ever knew the characters at all!

The Rules of Disappearing has so many twists and turns within its pages, it’s sometimes hard to keep up; but you just can’t help yourself as the plot sucks you in, transporting you further and further into the world of Witness Protection. A must read for any YA fan.