Dead Man's Land

Dead Man's Land - Robert Ryan When asked to review Dead Man’s Land by Ryan Roberts, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I’m a big history lover and love anything fiction or not about the two World Wars. Heartbreakingly, I was very disappointed.

Though initially drawn into the book, due to its premise, I soon found myself becoming bored and not wanting to pick it up again. Plot wise, I found that there just was not one. Or maybe there was and I just didn’t find it within the sixty or so pages I made myself read. If there was a plot, there just wasn’t enough of one to keep me reading; the descriptions were not exciting or enthralling and the story didn’t really seem to be going anywhere.

Character wise, I did enjoy how Watson was written. I’ve not read any Sherlock Holmes books, so I can’t really compare the two, but I found that Watson was very likable and easy to read, unlike other characters within the book. Perhaps, I’ll switch and read Sherlock Holmes...

Overall, I can see why this book will suit some and not others. I’m just in the ‘others’ category and can’t give it a good rating.