My Life Next Door

My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick This year seems to be dedicated to reading every young adult contemporary book I can get my hands on and My Life Next Door was no exception. Huntley Fitzpatrick has written a wonderful debut that is realistic and charming.

Samantha and Jase have lived next door to one another ever since his family moved in several years ago. Ever since then, she's spent her time watching the chaotic and ever growing Garrett family from afar. Then one day, Jase Garrett unexpectedly climbs up onto her balcony and starts a conversation with her; thus begins My Life Next Door.

As a main character, I loved Samantha and not just because she shares my name. Though she's the daughter of a snobby politician, she's unlike her mother in every way possible. In fact, she's the complete opposite; friendly, kind and unassuming. Then there's Jace. Jace comes from a loving family that includes eight children. He's the third eldest and loves coming from a family as large as his. Though money is tight, he adores his siblings and parents and soon Samantha finds herself being sucked into their daily life - and falling head over heels for Jase.

The relationship that Samantha and Jase had throughout My Life Next Door was one that many would be jealous of. As a couple, they're adorable and their shared scenes are ones that make you smile with happiness when you read them. It's a very sweet first romance and easily something you can fall into.

Overall, My Life Next Door is a cute, contemporary standalone. If you're looking for a good summer read or just something light and fluffy, My Life Next Door is your ticket.