Before I Wake

Before I Wake  - Rachel Vincent How to write a review for the Soul Screamers series? I really don’t know how! Like my fellow blogger Amber, I am becoming absolutely horrendous at writing reviews for this series.

However, I will try.

What did I love? Well, I loved Kaylee and Tod. As always. I am so sorry for all those Nash lovers but.. I mean, TOD! <3. I also think that Nash and Sabine suit each other. You know, since they both have ‘problems’. <br/>
I also really enjoyed the action. This time, it did not seem to be all at once though. In my opinion, it was a smooth (ish) ride to the huge finale and the.. er, event that happened. Oh and that event was majorly epic and tear worthy and so much more. *grabs tissues*

So, overall, this gushy review ends with a mega thumbs up and a shout out to book seven for next year. The last book. How will I cope?