The Plight of the Darcy Brothers: A Tale of Siblings and Surprises

The Plight of the Darcy Brothers: A Tale of Siblings and Surprises - Marsha Altman In this lively second installment, the Darcys and Bingleys are plunged into married life and its many accompanying challenges presented by family and friends.

With Jane and Elizabeth away, Darcy and Bingley take on the daunting task of managing their two-year- old children. Mary Bennet returns from the Continent pregnant by an Italian student promised to the church; Darcy and Elizabeth travel to find the father, and discover previously unknown—and shocking—Darcy relations. By the time Darcy discovers that there's more than one sibling of questionable birth in the family, the ever-dastardly Wickham arrives on the scene to try to seize the Darcy fortune once and for all.

Marsha Altman once again creates an enjoyable sequel to Pride and Prejudice. However, I found that Altman again took rather huge liberties with her storylines and characters, which made me rather angry. I mean, Wickham being the brother of Darcy and Georgiana? Come on!

This second installment did have its plus points though - such as extremely memorable scenes of the antics of the Bingley and Darcy children and of the loving and caring marriage between Caroline Bingley-Maddox and her husband, a mere *gasp* physician.

Despite the overall absurdity of certain plotlines in this book, there was enough humorous context and enjoyable storyline to keep me reading until the end of the book. If this shall continue for the third book in the series, we'll have to see.