Amy & Roger's Epic Detour

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour - Morgan Matson On picking up Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour, I’d heard many good reviews from bloggers whom I trust. Despite these reviews, I was still a little hesitant and decided to get a copy from my local library “just in case I didn’t like it.”

Well, let’s just say that I more than liked it. I loved it.

The Detour begins soon after the death of Amy’s father. Her mother has decided to relocate to Connecticut, her brother’s in rehab and her childhood home is for sale.
How to overcome all that? Take a road trip with an old childhood acquaintance across America.

The initial goal of the trip is to take the family car from California to Connecticut, using the itinerary and route set out my Amy’s mother. However, they throw the planned route, rules and time scale out of the window and decide to take a detour. Hello road trip!

From there, Amy and Roger go where they want to go. Throughout this, they each have personal problems to overcome and situations to face. Laughter and sadness come in hints within the pages alongside flashbacks of the past.

Interspersed within, there are playlists, drawings and scrapbook pages giving information of where Amy and Roger are. On a side note, Morgan Matson, the author herself went on this road trip across America. What fun she must of had!

Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour was a wonderful read that I will pick up again and again. I wish I could go on a road trip!