Third Year at Malory Towers

Third Year at Malory Towers - Enid Blyton The girls return for another term to find several new girls in their form. There is Zerelda, the American girl with her 'wunnerful' ways; Bill, short for Wilhelmina, who is mad on horses; and Mavis, who has a remarkable voice and is sure she is going to be an opera singer. There are some hair-raising incidents as the new girls settle down for an enjoyable and evenful term at Malory Towers.

I read Enid Blyton's Malory Towers series from start to finish as a little girl of seven-nine years of age. I remember how much I loved them and I know that I devoured the series within a week or two.

However, more than ten years later, I am less enthralled with them, though I can still see the attraction they have for young girls. I must say, however, that they make for a simple, quick and easy read inbetween larger young adult books so that you can have a nice comfort read.

Though I did not really enjoy the book as much as I would have done if I were younger, the characters still had the same pull as they did before. I still find certain girls within the books enjoyable to read about and their antics made me laugh, even if they did seem a little juvenile for the age they are supposed to be.