Heist Society

Heist Society  - Ally Carter I’ve been meaning to read Heist Society for quite some time, but with all the other books on my shelves it just wasn’t a priority. Fast forward to September 2013, and I was looking for a light, contemporary read that would be fun and entertaining. Hello, Heist Society.

Katarina Bishop is from a family of top class spies. She's spent her life stealing objects of value but, when she tires of the life, she cons her way into a top boarding school, leaving her life of thievery behind. However, her new life is not for long; soon she's being framed for a crime she did not commit and being pulled back into the world she fought so hard to leave behind.

Though I wasn't a huge fan of the main character, I have to admit that 'Kat' was a strong protagonist for Heist Society. Unlike some main characters, she was strong and fiercely independent. Yes, she had her flaws, but what main character doesn't?

The plot and pacing of Heist Society is engaging and fast paced. The story went from one scene to another pretty quickly, so sometimes you have to stop and retrace what you've already read to understand what's happening, which was a little annoying at times.

I'm not a huge fan of the romance that is underlying in this book. It was so plain obvious, yet the characters refuse to acknowledge that it's even there. After a while, it just became frustrating and cringe worthy, making it tedious and, in places, hard to read without rolling your eyes.

Overall, Heist Society is a quick and fun read; but one that leaves you wanting more.