My Cousin Caroline

My Cousin Caroline - Rebecca Ann Collins My Cousin Caroline is the sixth in the Pemberley Chronicles series by RAC. I think, out of all the novels in the series so far, I fell in love with this one.

Caroline Gardiner, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Edward Gardiner (of Pride and Prejudice) is the main focus of this novel, following her from the age of fifteen years old. My Cousin Caroline drew me in so much; a think more than the other novels. I think in many ways this is because I have always been interested in the life of Caroline, since she first appeared in RAC's first novel.

This book shows the high and lows of Caroline;s life up until the 1860's. From her marriae at the age of sixteen to Colonel Fitzwilliam, cousin of Mr Darcy, to her childrens' births, to the death of one of her children, to her polictical and motherly duties, amongst other things, Caroline is one of RAC's most deep and absorbing characters.