The Ruby In The Smoke

The Ruby In The Smoke - Philip Pullman Having watched the BBC adaptation of Ruby in the Smoke at Christmas 2006, I decided to purchase the book, and read story so that I understood the parts of the film I did not quite understand.

However, I never got round to reading the book. Until recently.

I must confess myself a little dissapointed in the writing style of this book. It wasn't detailed enough for my liking, and I found myself forgetting what had happended in the previous pages and having to re-read them. I also found I had little desire to come back to this book, after being away for a time.

On the other hand, there were some parts that excited me, such as the chases through London and the story told by Matthew Bedwell. I also enjoyed how Pullman switched between following one character to following another so easily, which gave it a nice flowing feel.