Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire There are some books that will stay in your mind for eternity. They have memorable characters and an enthralling plot line; a story you can return to time and time again. Beautiful Disaster is one of these.

For Abby Abernathy, college is a new start. A chance to erase her childhood and begin again - or so she thought. Enter Travis Maddox, bad boy extraordinaire; and perhaps Abby's downfall.

I really enjoyed Abby and Travis as characters. They are both strong people, each trying their best to get away from situations out of their control. Though far too much alike, they are instantly drawn to one another, and soon find they cannot live without the other person.

The secondary characters, Abby's best friend America and her boyfriend Shepley, were just as interesting to read as the main two characters. They, along with other secondary characters, give sprinklings of humour and light heartedness that worked well alongside the main story line which was definitely needed throughout Beautiful Disaster.

Overall, I devoured Beautiful Disaster; I loved everything from the characters to the plot to the ending. The intensity of Beautiful Disaster was extreme and I totally understand now what all the hype was about when the novel was first released. In short, Beautiful Disaster is a novel that no-one should miss.