Slated - Teri Terry Slated has been recommended to me numerous times since it was first published back in 2012. It’s been gathering dust for practically as long as that; peeking out at me, begging me to finally give it a chance. At long last, I did and soon found myself deeply engrossed within its pages.

Slated is set against the backdrop of a richly developed dystopian world where criminals are Slated, basically given them a second chance at life. The concept of Slated is what initially drew me to first read the novel. It just seems like something that could actually happen within our near future, for better or for worse, which is a terrifying thought.

Kyla is one of the strongest and most likeable main characters I've read in quite a while. The authors portrayal and characterisation of her was written wonderfully and her daily struggles were believable and easily relatable. Her character progression throughout Slated was also one of my favourite parts to the novel as she really grew into herself as the novel progressed and things became darker.

Though not developed particularly well, Kyla's love interest Ben was among my favourite side characters within Slated. He was warm and gentle and was such a great friend to everyone around him, but especially Kyla. I really wish he'd had a bigger part to play within Slated though, as I think his story line could have gone further then it did.

Slated itself was set in futuristic England, which was a nice change from all the books that are set within the States. The writing style of Ms Terry was easy to read and the words practically flowed from the pages as they were read. Due to this, I never found myself bored or wishing for it to end; in fact I was terribly down in the mouth when turned the final page.

Overall, Slated has become one of my all time favourites due to the writing style of the author, plot and the unforgettable main character. I can't wait to begin Fractured, the second in the trilogy, in the New Year and look forward to loving it as much as I did the first.