The Three Colonels: Jane Austen's Fighting Men

The Three Colonels: Jane Austen's Fighting Men - Jack Caldwell Paperback
Pages: 384
Published: March 1st 2012
Sourcebooks Landmark

Love reigns supreme for our three brave colonels at the start of this epic tale. Colonels Fitzwilliam, Buford, and Brandon are enjoying their courtships and their early married lives with three beloved Jane Austen heroines. The couples lead tranquil lives - until Napoleon escapes from exile. While the military men set out to meet their destiny on the fields of Waterloo, Anne, Caroline, and Marianne defend their hearts against the fear of losing their loved ones.

I placed The Three Colonels on my wish list way back in the summer last year after reading an interview over at Austen Authors. The premise seemed right up my street and I must say, I was not disappointed.

The Three Colonels follows Colonel Fitzwilliam of Pride and Prejudice, Colonel Brandon of Sense and Sensibility and Colonel Buford, the love interest of Miss Caroline Bingley. Together, the three fighting men are settling into post war England of 1814 – until Napoleon escapes from Elba. Now they must fight him, once again, whilst guarding their hearts and family.

Caldwell delves into part of the Regency era that Jane Austen did not – the Napoleonic Wars of 1803-1815, though he primarily concentrates on the Seventh Coalition in 1815. I found that because of this, I read quicker because it encompassed two of my favourite things – history and the characters of Jane Austen’s novels. However, do not be alarmed if you are not a major history lover – it is not overwhelming and is done in tidbits so as not to alarm.

Overall, The Three Colonels was a wonderful read for me and introduced me to a new Austenite author. I fully enjoyed the novel and its premise. I loved that Caldwell did not focus fully on the romantic aspect of the novel and that he chose a different route to go down when writing. It was wonderful to see a new and enlightening side to what Austenite authors can write about.