Regency House Party: Companion to the PBS Series

Regency House Party: Companion to the PBS Series - Lucy Jago Synopsis: Tying-in with the 4-part primetime PBS series airing in November 2004, Regency House Party will follow 5 men and 5 women as they meet, flirt and court within the same strict protocols as Jane Austen's heroes and heroines, e.g. all women must be chaperoned, a woman should never encourage a man, a man should never touch a young lady, etc. Each participant will be designated a role and an income, which will dictate their social standing—although at any point this could change and one of the poorer guests could inherit a fortune, or a rich one suffer a crippling debt—and each chapter of the book will focus on a particular character or couple. The houseguests will take part in popular pastimes of the era: attending a public dissection, amateur dramatics, fencing and, of course, dressing up and attending balls. They will also hopefully manage to find a suitable marriage partner, whose wealth and social standing will enhance their own.

Anyone who know me or follows my blog, knows that I'm an avid Austen fan (more precisely, Pride and Prejudice) and will devour everything about the Regency era that I can get my hands on or that takes my fancy.

So Regency House Party, the companion book to the Channel 4's series of the same name, which aired in 2004, was a complete delight to this book blogger!

Along with giving the reader insights into what went on behind the scenes of filming the series (and how relationships blossomed), it also gives the reader insight into how the class system worked, what was "acceptable" behaviour in Regency times and how men and women differed in what they were permitted to do with their free time.

This book also gives you amazing photos taken straight from the series itself. I admit it, the photos had me gazing at them for minutes on end because I love the detail and simpleness of Regency dress.

A wonderful read for anyone who loves Austen, the Regency period or history in general!