Last Sacrifice

Last Sacrifice  - Richelle Mead Oh my goodness! The Vampire Academy series has finally ended *crys*
I believe that Last Sacrifice is my favourite book in this series and one that I will keep reading passages from (a habit I have when it's a book I love!)

The final installment follows Rose on the run and as a fugitive, helped by a number of people. *Again, no spoilers* Of course, thanks to the bond, we also get to follow Lissa, while she trys to clear Rose's name and find Queen Tatiana's killer. However, of course, Rose has her own plan. Her plan? Well, it's to... well, let's just say that she plans to restore the Dragomir honour, shall we?

There is major action in Last Sacrifice and I mean major. So much, that I hyperventilated in numerous sections and sometimes had to put the book down to catch my breath before continuing. My type of book.

Oh, and minor characters come back as well. Every character in Last Sacrifice has their own role to play, and mostly it's a biggg role. Want to know more? My advice? It's time to buy this book!