The Demon Headmaster Takes Over

The Demon Headmaster Takes Over - Gillian Cross I borrowed this from the library as a "light read".

I do not recommend it. The characters have no depth whatsoever, and the storyline is laughable and unbelievable. The so called "main character" is the only character you really get to know much about, as she seems to be the only one who has any brains or heroism, with all the other characters following behind.

The plotline is so simple, with "twists" that are practically looking in the face. Looking for had-me-guessing-right-to-the-end books? Do not choose this one.

There is also very little descriptive writing, and, even in parts where there is description, it is not detailed.

To summarize;

Boring Characters
No Plotline
Little Description

Add this together and you come up with