The Legacy of Pemberley (Pemberley Chronicles)

The Legacy of Pemberley (Pemberley Chronicles) - Rebecca Ann Collins Synopsis: In the final installment of The Pemberley Chronicles, Rebecca Ann Collins transports readers for the final time to the halls of Pemberley and into the lives of Pride and Prejudice's most beloved characters. Darcy and Elizabeth, after fifty happy years of marriage, find their love for each other as strong as ever, but all is not well at Pemberley and Netherfield. When a crisis requires Elizabeth, Darcy, Jane, and Bingley to leave for Italy, they'll see just how well the next generation steps up to carry on and prove that the bonds of love and family are strong enough to weather any challenge.

The Legacy of Pemberley is the final installment of a series I have come to really enjoy and cherish in recent years. In this, her final book, Rebecca Ann Collins ties up many of the stories which her readers have come to love. She also begins new stories - such as the love story between Laura Ann Gardiner and Mr Thomas "Tom" O'Connor.

I am saddened that Rebecca Ann Collins, as of yet, does not plan to write again of the Pemberley families. Her writing style is beautiful and the stories she writes flow across the page with such ease. However, I am pleased on how Ms Collins ended the series - for now *crosses fingers*

For anyone who enjoys Historical Fiction and/or Pride and Prejudice continuations, this book (and its entire series is a major you-must-read-it. My guess is that anyone who reads this, like me, will become transfixed by the stories Rebecca Ann Collins tells.