Hana's Suitcase

Hana's Suitcase - Karen Levine From Wikipedia:

The story of Hana Brady first became public when Fumiko Ishioka of the Japanese non-profit Tokyo Holocaust Educational Resource Center exhibited Hana's suitcase in 2000 as a relic of the concentration camp. Wanting to learn more about the relic, Fumiko began researching Hana's life and eventually sought out her surviving family in Canada. The story of Hana Brady and how her suitcase led Fumiko to Toronto was the subject of a CBC radio documentary. The documentary was then adapted to a children's book in 2002 by the reporter, Karen Levine. The book became a best-seller and received the Bank Street College of Education Flora Stieglitz Straus Award for non-fiction, the National Jewish Book Award, and several other Canadian awards for children's literature. The book has received a nomination for the Governor General's Award and was selected as a final award candidate for the Norma Fleck award. It has been translated into numerous languages and published around the world. The book was made with the help of George Brady and Fumiko Ishioka.

I found Hana's Suitcase one of the most powerful, insightful and memorable accounts of the Holocaust I have read.

The book is written in memory form (the past) and present form (Tokyo, 2002) and shows that every article of luggage has a story to tell.